Nabeel’s Geoogle: where are your results?

Some blogs just go on and on about stuff that other people create, but occasionally you find a blog, like my friend Nabeel’s, where he doesn’t say too much, but every now and then he actually makes something. As it happens, Nabeel has stitched together a few services (most notably Google Maps) so that he can show you where the information you’re looking for is found. He calls it Geoogle. He starts with Yahoo to find a list of sites that match your search, then uses reverse domain lookup to find the servers address, followed by a web service that resolves addresses into latitude and longitude, which he can finally pour onto a lovely Google map. Got that? Not surprisingly, all the Boston hits are based in Boston. The string “Nabeel”, however, doesn’t return any pointing to the author of the site. His site may become so popular that he claims the top Nabeel spot after a while.

Well done, Nabeel!

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