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I need a new web host. My current one, Interland is not good. They are sloppy about a good many things, but the worst is that I am regularly unable to edit my blog because of some sort of CGI budget that I’m topping out. I get a message that says (effectively) “Can’t help you now. Try again in five minutes. :-)” When I complain about this, they don’t offer to help me understand or monitor the problem (Why is this happening? What can I do about it?), they just want to upgrade my plan to a more expensive one with a bigger CGI budget.

Upgrade this: I’m using your computers to advertise the fact that you stink.

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  1. I recently went through this same thing when Pixiehost, my original provider, suddenly shutdown. Now I use two providers.

    I’ve been using 1&1’s “shared hosting” program for a while now. I had problems with them for the first year or so, but they’re ok now. Their site/account management interface is difficult to use and slow; it seems like their own homegrown solution to site management. But their servers are fast. I run all sorts of sites there, including which does some number-crunching via C and PHP code. Their servers handle the load w/o problems. 1&1 is a very big company. Seems like they are one of the biggest players.

    The other host I use is IMHosted. I’ve only been using them for a short time now, but I’m impressed. I believe that IMHosted is some sort of reseller, while 1&1 actually owns the servers your system runs on. But so far, I’ve had no problems with IMHosted. They use Cpanel for their management software, which is pretty common and very easy to use. Support questions e-mailed to IMHosted are responded to within 24 hrs, even on weekends. 1&1 is slower, usually 2-3 days response.

    Both are inexpensive, but IMHosted is cheaper. If I were you, I’d give them a shot. It’s easy enough to setup an account and just drop your files onto their site.

    1&1 and IMhosted both give you SSH access, which was important to me. Some providers don’t. You’ll want to ask if this is important to you.

    And in case you’re interested, I use both Yahoo! and 1&1 as my domain name registrars. Both work fine.

    One more tip: if you’re having problems now, back up your site regularly. You never known when you might lose access.

    Good luck!

  2. Have a look at Xeriom.NET ( ). We’re a small but fast growing company, very ambitious company and because of that we have a very high support staff to customer ratio. this allows us to get to know exactly what the needs for your site are and keep an eye on it to make sure that it’s always running smoothly.

    Drop me a line if you’re interested;

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