URLs and unintended consequences

Several years ago I visited the website for a company called Experts Exchange, a company that brokers information exchange between computer system specialists. As I typed in the URL, I realized something that must have been plaguing their marketing department right about then: one look at the URL http://www.expertsexchange.com, and your brain fishes out the conspicuous “sex” in the middle and completes the sentence. Presto! ExpertSexChange.com. You can almost hear the ad jingle: “Put your gender in a blender at Expert Sex Change.” Not surprisingly, they changed their domain name to experts-exchange.com.

But it does show how surprisingly easy it is to make a big goof. A site called Domain Rookie just published a funny piece entitled Domain Name Mispronouncings. He leads with ExpertsExchange, but he’s got some other good ones too. Some are more credible than others. TherapistFinder (TheRapistFinder) seems real, but I don’t for one second believe there is a real pen company called Pen Island. The domain name for that last one will be left as an exercise for the reader.

One thought on “URLs and unintended consequences”

  1. I’m having a fun time dodging and weaving through the comment spam filter here, trying to talk about WorldSportsExchange (WorldSportSexChange?)
    whose alternative URL is WSEX. :)


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