I’m obsessed with LibraryThing, and there’s a good chance, if you’re much of a book person, you will be obsessed with it too. LibraryThing is a service that lets you build your own virtual library online. As such, you can use it to represent your real bookshelf, books you wish you owned, or even the bookshelf you will have in heaven when you complete your last earthly chapter.

Like a lot of bookstore loiterers, I have more books than shelf space. LibraryThing solves a big problem for me. I can see and organize my books online without having to schlep around their physical counterparts. I had been admiring the bookshelf software called Delicious Monster, but LibraryThing is much better. It’s net-based, and it’s got the social aspects of and others.

Here’s my catalog so far.

One thought on “LibraryThing”

  1. I have enough chess books to think seriously about using LibraryThing just for them.

    I see Cold Mountain in your catalog. Did you see the movie? I just saw it last week and enjoyed it. Is the book worth a read?

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