Flickr meets Ebay at Etsy

From Rob comes the Wacked User Interface of the Week: Etsy (tagline: “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade”). I can’t help but make fun of them for being over the top, but honestly, I am impressed. This is the zaniest UI I’ve ever seen in an online app that appears to be mainstream. As Rob says, it’s “Flickr meets Ebay.” I might put it this way: “The Flickr hovercraft smashed into the Ebay love-bus and they both fell into the giant psychedelic Flash tickling machine.” Poke around and you’ll see what I mean: Shop by color using colorific pulsating lava-like blobula. Shop by Geolocator, and zippity-spin your selections (and vendors) off to the four corners of the Earth. Shop by time machine and (oh the humanity!) God only knows what’s going on.

To which I say: good for them. We need more stuff like this. But I might take some Dramamine before I shop there. To be fair, if you scroll down past the Flash goodies, you can drive through the site in a pretty conventional way.

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