MATLAB Contest

We had another MATLAB Programming Contest, and in terms of participation it was our biggest so far. We like contest themes that fit somehow into the zeitgeist, so the puzzle this time around was a generalized version of the notorious Sudoku puzzle genre.

Aside: if you are ever in a Sudoku-solving pickle, I’ve got just the salve for your itch here: Sudoku Satori – The Sudoku Solving Assistant.

We had 3061 total entries. You can see all the sudoku > Statistics” href=””>gory statistics here if you like. One fun thing we did this time around was create a map (using the Frappr service) where people could show us where they live. Take a look. Only thirty or so brave souls (of the 168 who played) put themselves on the map, but even so you see how global the distribution is.

As usual, Matt did an excellent job summing up the activity in a contest evolution report. The distinctive zig-zag pattern in the accuracy-vs-speed plots was particularly pronounced in this contest.

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