Farked over Elvish

I like to think that sophisticated readers like you come to my site for the sparkling prose and pointed insights, but when I look at my logs, it’s plain that Elvish pays the bills. My little page Write your name in Elvish in ten minutes has tickled some kind of popular resonance. It’s been around for a while, but recently it got posted on a site called Fark.com which gave it a lot more visibility.

Look at this plot and see if you can spot when this site was farked. My Elvish page has been on StumbleUpon for a while, but the day I got farked my traffic took a huge leap and I got posted to several other popular sites like Digg (385 diggs)and the Del.icio.us popular list (404 bookmarks). I’ve even been listed as a reference page from the Wikipedia.

It’s fun to have so much traffic because of a geeky skill I learned in seventh grade, but I know popularity is easy-come-easy-go on the web. Tomorrow I’ll be old news. At least I managed to put some Google ads up before the crowds came to visit. If you have a popular page on your site, I’m here to tell you that Google ads pay real money (taxable income, naturally). I won’t be quitting my job anytime soon, but at least it covers my web hosting expenses. This month anyway.

5 thoughts on “Farked over Elvish”

  1. So do you do the calligraphy by hand? I can’t remember what you said about that… it’s gorgeous, if so. Nice graph, btw.

  2. I was truly blessed at birth with the last name of Elvish,I have been trying to find other “Elvish’s” on-line as it is a dying name!

  3. I think it’s really nice that you took your time to teach us how to write our names in elvish. I used it but the result of my name wasn’t as special as I expected…
    It looks like it says ” Imm”. Is there any way I could add something to make it nicer??? or maybe if I used the Sindarin style….

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