Long-married couples

It’s much easier to be married for a short time than it is to be married for a long time. My parents were married on September 3rd, 1948 and they remain married to this day. That puts them in rare company. New York photographer Robert Fass was inspired by his own long-married parents to do a photo essay on the subject of durable marriages. He documented his work in a piece called As Long As We Both Shall Live. As it happens, through a connection with my sister, Fass interviewed and photographed my parents as part of the work.

The interview was several years ago, but Fass just scored some new publicity with the Christian Science Monitor:
What makes love last?
My mom even gets the last word. You go girl! The story ends with this.

One of his subjects, Sally, said “yes” in 1948 when her husband, Marcus, uttered those four little words, “Will you marry me?” Now, with the benefit of 57 years of experience, she offers this advice to Valentine’s Day lovers – and everyone else.

“There are three words that save a marriage,” she says. “And it’s not ‘I love you.’ It’s ‘Maybe you’re right.’ ”

UPDATE: ABC News has also picked up the story. See Happily Married for 40-Plus Years

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