The online video arrives

Online video is finally here in force. It’s been predicted for years, but people aren’t replacing their television consumption with TV on the Internet. The preferred format on the net, whether it’s a matter of bandwidth or simply limited attention span (brain bandwidth), is a small video clip a few minutes long. Within that timeframe, there’s huge variety. You’ve got daily vlogs like Amanda Congdon’s Rocketboom and less frequent sitcom style video blogs like It’s JerryTime! (odd, disturbing, and funny; make sure and check out the shoebox).

There are a million lame, sampled, ripped, and amateur video clips on YouTube, but among them are some seriously well produced video parodies like this one, which made me laugh out loud. It answers the question: “What would the iPod packaging look like if it were designed by Microsoft?” The Pee-wee Herman music is a big plus.

(spotted on tingilinde)

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