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Witness the hive mind in action at It’s the next logical step after popularity aggregation websites like,, and take all of the popularity aggregation websites and aggregate them into a one giant meta-popularity conglomeration. Obviously we’re not out of meta’s yet… one can imagine this process continuing for a few more generations. What I worry about, though, is what happens when we have a meta-meta-meta-meta-popularity list that’s been winnowed down to one single URL so irresistably popular that it amounts to an informational black hole. There’s a chance that everyone on the planet could click on it at exactly the same moment, thereby imploding the metaverse and taking down this sector of space-time. It makes me shudder to think that the apocalyptic singularity may result from a bad video of teenagers lip-synching to an old Backstreet Boys song.

Potential catastrophes aside, is a pretty entertaining place to graze. It feels to me like a slice through the Great Brain. Or maybe an MRI snapshot of the hive at work.

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  1. I knew that there were a lot of aggregation sites out there, but seeing them all together makes my head want to implode.

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