Juggling in a cone

Years ago I knew some folks who were obsessed with the Bungie game Marathon. Relative to first-person shooters today like Half-Life 2 and others, it was almost unimaginably primitive. Still, at the time it was cutting edge stuff, and it let you do fun things like play with the physics of the game. You could try the following scenario, for example: what would it be like if your weapon’s recoil violently shoved you toward whatever you were shooting at instead of away from him? Now make gravity negative, and the only way to keep from floating away is to shoot at the ground and anyone below you.

Playing around with the basic laws of physics was the first thing I thought of when I saw this video of a man juggling inside a giant cone. Yes, it’s gimmicky and a little cheesy (did you ever see the ads for the clear Champagne Glass tub in the Poconos?). Nevertheless, it is hypnotic. After a while, you start to think, cool… I want to live in that world.

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