Japanese Ebonics

I saw this one a while back, and for some time I thought I wouldn’t post it, but it’s just too funny. Rude, but funny. Consider yourself warned. The topic under discussion is how one might effectively introduce an earnest visitor from Japan to the urban vernacular on, say, the mean streets of Oakland, California. From Becky’s T*Blog, I give you Off the Hook: Randall C. Miller Jr.’s Conversational Ebonics.

Don’t be a playa hater! Show me some love.

I’m sending this post out especially to my cousin Margaret in Avery County, North Carolina.

One thought on “Japanese Ebonics”

  1. I fear posting a comment because there’s so little one can really say to add value after looking at the excerpts from that book. It does strike me as odd, though, that the most accessible phrases (to me) in the book “Apple Pie” and “Peach Cobbler” are, in fact, not translated into Japanese. I like to think that those are the only phrases in the book that really have no equivalent concept in Japan, so it wasn’t worth going to the trouble of trying to translate them.

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