Spider webs, deconstructed

My nominee for the how-in-the-world-did-THAT-evolve-without-intelligent-design award is the web-spinning spider. While I don’t actually believe in intelligent design, it’s always astounding to watch a spider at work. Via Athanasius I came across this spider site that shows web construction movies and a web gallery. There is also an illuminating little essay on how web-spinning works, which ends with this charming fact.

The spider usually replaces the web every night or every other night. … The old web is ingested and recycled into new silk.

I alternate between thinking this is elegant and poetic on the one hand, and absolutely revolting on the other. Think of all the bugs that have been on that old thing. But then I suppose if you liked eating bugs…

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  1. Good point about the taste for bugs… but then, surely spiders don’t have a taste for all the dust and dirt and other gunk that webs attract? It’s still kinda revolting :D

    Nice blog!

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