Rube Goldberg is alive and well…

… and making videos in Japan.

Please, please don’t start this if you don’t have nine minutes to spare. This is the sort of thing where people usually say “This guy had WAY too much time on his hands.” But the commercial nature of these videos makes it clear that the creator was a pro. He’s getting paid to have that much time on his hands. Good for him, I say. We should all be so lucky.

Can’t… stop… watching…

If you can tear yourself away from the gadget videos, here’s a Rube Goldberg-ish Flash game. Ride down a doodle of your own design. Can you build a successful loop-the-loop track? Check it out: Line Rider by ~fsk on deviantART. (via tingelinde)

One thought on “Rube Goldberg is alive and well…”

  1. The big metal ball rolling into the cup and wandering over the books was great, but my favorite was the one at about the five-minute mark where the little kicker thingies made the marble roll _up_ the ramp.


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