HP photo slimming

I need your help on this one. Is this a feature or a terrible omen for our deranged times? HP has introduced a digital camera effect called the slimming feature. Here’s their ad copy on the topic.

They say cameras add ten pounds, but HP digital cameras can help reverse that effect. The slimming feature, available on select HP digital camera models, is a subtle effect that can instantly trim off pounds from the subjects in your photos!

When I saw someone had linked to this from a blog I was reading, I was convinced it was a fake. I kept looking at the HP URL trying to work out if it was a hacked address of some kind. But no, this is a real feature on real cameras. I can’t figure out if I’m off base being astonished by this. I’ve talked to people who can’t figure out why I find this so disturbing. I guess slimming your photo is better than sticking your finger down your throat after brunch, but it seems dishonest in some very damaging ways.

If it takes off in the marketplace, though, I’m thinking about selling a JolieCam. It’s a camera that, no matter who you point it at (your dog, your grandma, your half-eaten tuna sandwich), always spits out a glamorous photo of Angelina Jolie. Why look frumpy when you can look vampy?

So what’s your verdict on the slimming feature: funny harmless feature, or one more sign that the apocalypse is near?

7 thoughts on “HP photo slimming”

  1. I say fad. Mind you, it will be a permanent feature on many cameras, but its overusage will make it trite.

    What’s really cool is how the camera in HP’s demo knew what the wall looked like behind the woman being slimmed.

  2. No, I’m with you on the disgust aspect of it. It’s like HP decided to take so many of the things wrong with society and put them together in a nice camera package.

  3. What’s also obnoxious is that (1) the subjects being slimmed are all women; (2) the women are in no need of being slimmed.

    What’s next? Take a picture of a female CEO and you get a 1950’s housewife instead?

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