Jesus in the operating room

The Boston Globe did a story yesterday called Healing the Body to Reach the Soul. It’s part of a series on faith-based initiatives called “Exporting Faith.” On the front page it had this picture, taken from a brochure published by a non-denominational Christian organization, of Jesus guiding the hand of a surgeon in the operating room. Without addressing any of the touchy political or religious implications of an image like this, I think that there is no disputing that this is a darn funny image. I confess to adding the speech balloon above the surgeon’s head, because the picture just begs to be part of a caption contest. First I thought, what would Jesus be saying in a situation like this? But then I thought, no, the real humor is going on in the surgeon’s head. What’s he saying?

“Are your hands clean? Because they look filthy.”

“I’m just saying, we’re only one quick miracle away from two martinis in the surgeon’s lounge.”

You tell me what he’s saying.

29 thoughts on “Jesus in the operating room”

  1. “No Jesus, that’s not the soul, that’s the pyloric sphincter.”

    “I don’t CARE if isn’t what God intended, this man is getting a baboon’s heart, a sea-captain’s lung, and a Satanist’s duodenum.”

    “Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not a caption filler.”

  2. “Dammit, I thought I was God.”

    “Huh, I didn’t think you existed. I guess I really am going to hell.”

  3. Honestly, I would rather have Hot Lips Houlihan assisting.

    Sacramental wine is *your* blood. We can NOT use it for a tranfusion.

  4. Hi there…I would comment that the Doctor is probably saying,
    “without You Lord, I can do nothing”!

    Also, I need to get a copy of this print soon. Can you help me?

  5. A copy of this picture (sans the caption) is hanging on the communication board in the operating room where I work. It is so awesome. I too would like a copy. Is it available for purchase?

  6. I’d like to get a copy of this also. We work at a mission hospital in the highlands of Papua New Guinea and are about to open our new hospital. We’d like to display some artwork by this artist. Who is the artist?

  7. I am looking for a poster, print, or picture of this as well for my office and one of my receptionist’s has asked for a copy for her daughter’s room. Thanks

  8. “Excuse me, sir, but you need to have a mask and gloves on to be a part of this procedure.”

    “DAD! I can do it myself, okay?? You don’t have to hold my hand.”

    “Jesus saves.”

  9. Jesus, with you near me, any damn complicated surgery is simple. It is just amazing, thank you.

  10. To paraphrase, “Jesus, I probably should have gotten some sort of surgical training before attempting a Whipple procedure, but, here goes!”

  11. Without Jesus there would never be any successful surgeries on this planet. He is the author of creation and the Master Healer.
    God bless the painter who brought this truth to the light with this incomparably beautiful portrait. I came to first see this image in a hospital…I can’t express in words the consolation it brought me. Thank you artist, whoever you are. I hope all those who want a copy of this portrait will be able to find it. I saw this portrait displayed in Florida Hospital South, a Seventh Day Adventist hospital. You can easily ask them when they were able to get theirs. I hope you already have it since I’ve come to this website five years after it has been posted. God is good all the time.

  12. How can I get copies of this picture? I dear friend of mine is a nurse and is having surgery soon and this would be a wonderful photo to frame and give to her.

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