Comment spam sucks

I’m being hammered by a new round of comment spam, and this one is really baffling. It’s well coordinated, coming in tightly packed bursts from all points of the compass. No IP blocking can stop it, and the strange thing is, there’s no text to it. Just a few random letters in each comment along with a plausible sounding name. What are they selling? What is their motivation? Each new invasion of spam has puzzled me at a different level. Just when I became hardened to the fact that of course unscrupulous advertisers could never be stopped, I get bowled over by a new phenomenon: absolutely pointless site-clogging random spam. It’s as if someone is practicing for a denial-of-service attack. At some point, I will need to use those funny picture queries to stop the noise. Sigh.

One thought on “Comment spam sucks”

  1. Captchas help a lot; I think they’re great. I use SCode on my blog. It’s built for Movable Type, which I belive you’re using here. I’m planning to switch to WordPress as soon as my new hosting account is setup, though, so if you know of any good captchas for that system, let me know.

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