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If you like words (and I know that you do), then you need to pay a visit to Wordie. They have a really good tag line: “Like Flickr, but without the photos.” The premise is so simple that you can’t possibly suspect you’ll get sucked into it until it’s too late.

Here’s how it works. Get a free account, start typing in words. Any words will do, but if you’re a natural fit for Wordie, you’ll start creating lists of personal favorites in no time at all. In addition to my first list of words, I made Fancy-pants words for rhetorical devices and Words that sound naughtier than they are. Like Flickr, there’s a social aspect to the whole thing that links you, through your words, to other people’s lists. Not much to it, really, but good clean fun.

And since I’m on the topic of words, here’s a resource that you may find useful: Ninjawords.com. It’s just a really fast dictionary. Again, it’s a very simple tool, but well made. If you use a dictionary server very much, you’ll find that they have long load times, mostly because of all the ads attached to them. Ninjawords is based on a non-proprietary dictionary, so they don’t feel the need to advertise. Also, they have an appealing URL structure, if you’re linking to definitions from a document: http://www.ninjawords.com/tundish. Couldn’t be simpler.

One thought on “Wordie and Ninjawords”

  1. I think I vaguely remember that someone (who I don’t think was George Carlin but whose voice is merging with Carlin’s in my mind’s ear so maybe it was him after all) did a bit with words that sound naughtier than they are.

    The only one I recall off the top of my head is

    “Battleship … frigate.”

    Maybe you could make your list a little less niggardly by adding that and a few others :)


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