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I’m not sure who’s behind NEXTgencode, but it’s a well done parody of the commercial promise of biotechnology. Some of the things they bring up in joke form are sure to be real issues at some point in the future. How much would you pay for a terminally cute PermaPuppy? How much is the gene for blond hair worth if it is disappearing “in the wild?” Since NEXTgencode links to the (more serious) Ethics in Genetics site, I assume the parody is intended to provoke as well as amuse.

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  1. One of my roommates was trying to genetically alter a rhino so that it would be stay about 18″ long its entire life…He predicted that “toy rhinos” would be the next pot-bellied pig. I think it’d be pretty cute, seeing a little rhino running around the living room and bumping his head on the couch.

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