Spin the Wheel of Food at lunchtime

In answer to the annoying and oft-repeated question “I don’t know…. where do YOU want to eat?” consider spinning the Wheel of Food. The inventive Jim Bumgardner (a.k.a. KrazyDad), whose work I’ve admired here before, created a nifty Flash widget that loads nearby restaurants onto a Wheel of Fortune style spinner. Forbear preprandial procrastination: spin the wheel and close the deal. The time you save by not arguing about where to go may just score you the last good parking spot at the Hotdog Hut.

Extra bonus: hack the URL to shape the zip code and kind of food you want. Fancy a burrito in Winston-Salem, North Carolina? Take this out for a spin:


One thought on “Spin the Wheel of Food at lunchtime”

  1. The lab loves the Wheel, but there have been complaints about the preponderance of fast food choices. Any thoughts on a URL &value that excludes restaurants based on ratings? BTW how are the Kiwi Mojaquiris at Cactus Jack’s Steakhouse & Saloon?

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