When lions meet water buffalo

This is one of those videos you should just watch without knowing ahead of time what’s going to happen.

Okay, I can tell you that this video involves lions chasing down a water buffalo. This part is very much dog-bites-man, straight out of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. We’ve seen it all before. Then things get a little loopy. There’s some man-bites-dog action, and there’s also a splash of crocodile-pops-out-of-nowhere-and-bites-terrified-water-buffalo-calf. I’m not giving away too much to say the moral of the story is that it never pays to anger a herd of water buffalo.

YouTube – Battle at Kruger

It’s safe to say this is the luckiest group of camera-toting tourists to visit this place in a long time. You can hear the game-warden guy saying over and over “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

[via the Popular Science blog]

9 thoughts on “When lions meet water buffalo”

  1. Watching videos of animals in life-or-death situations, I often feel there’s something strange about their pacing. It’s like their not in a hurry to kill each other. Or that they’re not taking getting away as seriously as they should.

  2. For the some reason I read the headline as “When ions meet water buffalo” and thought this would be about high-energy physics. Oh well.

  3. I can just see it: “Beamstrahlung in African megafauna; a study in mammalian collision theory.” Or maybe “Luminosity in Bison-Boson Interactions.”

  4. I’ve actually heard from several different sources that water buffalo are considered to be one of the animals in the world you particularly don’t want to tick off.

  5. It was amazing to see the shoe on the other foot for awhile ( buffalo beat up on lions )

  6. Wow, Lions are one of my favourites animals.
    This realy is amazing, I think it’s evenbetter than some things you see on TV (like on Animal Planet etc)

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