Chester A. Who? The Presidents Quiz Game

Here is a diversion that is quick, fun, and educational, even if you’re a smarty-pants who can do the whole thing without a mistake: Can you name all the U.S. Presidents?

The interface is very pleasing. You just type in last names, one after another, and as soon as it recognizes one, it puts it in the right place quick as a wink. Once you’ve played the game to completion, they have another feature that shows who the most forgotten presidents are. I was correct in guessing that Chester A. Arthur was at the bottom of the barrel, being forgotten by more than half of the contestants, but Chester has company. Rutherford B. Hayes, that other middle-initial-totin’ Gilded Age cipher, scored equally poorly. And for persistent obscurity, it’s hard to beat the Run of the Antebellum Unknowns between Andrew Jackson and Abraham What’s-His-Name. The vacant Warren Gamaliel Harding was our most obscure 20th Century Chief Executive.

I can picture them there, all hanging out in the Dead Presidents’ Lounge. Naturally they are curious about the results of this contest. James Polk didn’t expect to do well, so he’s pleased to have Chester and Rutherford to pick on. But over at the cool kids’ table, you can just imagine how Teddy Roosevelt is giving Tommy Jefferson hell about coming in last in the Rushmore gang. Meanwhile, “Big George” Washington, who’s been at the brandy again, is re-telling the same old war stories while Abe rolls his eyes and tries to read his Harry Potter book.

Now you try the presidential challenge. Or just describe another scene from the Dead Presidents’ Lounge. What would Lyndon Johnson have to say to Andrew Johnson?

2 thoughts on “Chester A. Who? The Presidents Quiz Game”

  1. I lost about 20 sec before I realized there are two L’s in Fillmore, but my greatest shame is that I was past Tyler before I remembered Van Buren — the namesake of the street I live on.

    I envision Chester A. Arthur changing his last name to Johnson to be more memorable, and then fisticuffs breaking out between Teddy and the Johnson Gang.

  2. Jonson is in a corner still trying to understand how he got the Job, JFK has a drink with frank who want to sing again how he did it his way, Nixon has the place buged and is ready to say he knew nothing about who killed the dog in the office, it was not a dog t was one of his best friends who want to take the fall,
    Nixon has another drink and wants to tell JFK the full story but Jonson keeps breaking in,, the drink is starting to get to him or is it frank with his NEW York and something about twice.
    JFK asks who is the empty chair for, the next one of us, you know the next president who get shot, why does it always get back to been shot, i was not the first.

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