Ignite Boston and bioscreencast.com

I gave a talk at the second O’Reilly Ignite Boston event tonight, and I was lucky enough to meet Hari Jayaram who was also there to present. Hari is a crystallographer at Brandeis with several Protein Data Bank entries under his belt, including the notorious coronavirus nucleocapsid of SARS fame. Along with several other friends, he is busy creating bioscreencast.com. The site was the topic of his talk. Like JoVE and SciVee, bioscreencast aims to remedy the dreadful dearth of practical advice and information faced by working biologists. For example, how do you use BLAST at NCBI to look for homologous proteins? You could waste a lot of time screwing around on the site, or you could just let Hari tell you.

The Navy discovered that kids who spent a lot of time playing flight simulator games were better prepared to learn to fly. I wonder if, in a few years, freshman biology students will arrive on campus knowing all their protocols by heart because they spent so many hours watching bioscreencast.com videos and paging through OpenWetWare.

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  1. Congrats on your talk. I attended the last Ignite Seattle which was cool, it looks like the Boston line up was great.

  2. Hi , really liked your talk (and the related paper in ACM) and enjoyed chatting with you. If only all science worked in the collaborative and competitive spirit of tweaking..that would be a really something!
    Also thanks for the plug for bioscreencast..we would be thrilled to see some matlab screencasts on bioscreencast :-)

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