Voyeurism: Photos Recently Uploaded to Blogger

From the Google Operating System blog I came across this: Blogger Play is a site that shows you pictures that have recently been uploaded to Blogger. It’s sort of like looking at the latest pictures on Flickr, but it’s slightly better: if you see a bizarre or intriguing picture, you can almost always work out the story by clicking through to the blog and reading about it. That’s often not possible at Flickr.

These voyeur sites have been around for a long time. They always seduce me. Whenever I come across them I always A) waste a lot of time staring at them and B) feel like I’m staring at synapses in the Great Brain. This is what people all over the world are thinking about right now. That strikes me as being worth a chunk of my time.

One thought on “Voyeurism: Photos Recently Uploaded to Blogger”

  1. I like the bit about the “out-of-blogger” experience. [paraphrasing] “I was looking at Blogger Play, and saw that someone had just uploaded a picture of the Blogger Play website…”

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