Crash your car! Consumer reports videos

I saw this over at the Popular Science blog: Consumer Reports has crash test videos for every single car ever made in the whole world. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but I bet they have your car. They had mine. There’s something disturbing about watching your car get smashed, particularly if the color matches and the safety rating is poor and you can practically hear the poor crash test dummy’s pretend spinal column snapping like a pretzel stick.

Watch a few of the videos, and you’ll realize how many times Jeff Bartlett had to say the same basic information over and over and over. That guy earned his money the week they put these videos together.

And finally: poor Ford Fusion. So trying. So trying so hard. So only-just-acceptable on the smash-your-occupant rating (okay, to be fair, they got better in model year 2007).

Why is it that there is enough capital to bring creative destruction to the American airline industry (by which I mean new domestic competition like JetBlue and Virgin America), but not to the American automotive industry?

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