Need your comics restored?

Got a 1938 Action Comics #1 sitting in a box in the attic? It might be worth half a million dollars. I learned that last Saturday.

My son recently turned nine, and at his birthday party I happened to be talking to another parent, talking the party talk, as one does. Talkety-talk-talk. What sort of work do you do? I inquired blithely. I am the pre-eminent restorer of high-value comics on the planet she replied serenely. NOTE: She didn’t actually say this. She was very casual and modest about it. But in fact she is the pre-eminent restorer of high-value comics on the planet. Her name is Susan Cicconi, and her site is called The Restoration If you have a weatherbeaten comic book that needs sprucing up, she is the person you need to talk to. Trained in Paris as a restorer specializing in high art, she eventually made the shift into pop culture, and business has been good.

I love having interesting neighbors.

More and more money has been pouring into comics collecting. Susan was the one who told me about the current price being fetched by Action Comics #1 (she has restored several of them over the years). Interestingly, she said that a recent trend may start to impact her business: you get more money for a valuable old comic that has never been restored. It reminds me of those appraisers on Antiques Roadshow: “If you hadn’t just scrubbed the filth off of this ugly-ass chair, it would be worth $1.4 million. But now all I can offer you is $3.50 and a couple of scratch tickets.”

Now that I think about it, there would be a big market for a new show called Antique Comics Roadshow.

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  1. Hey Ned,

    Thanks for the publicity. Can I hire you? I need an agent!

    Yes, the comic world is truly a very interesting one indeed. So many stories of “my mother threw them all away!” Like JAZZ, these books are truly one of America’s greatest art forms. Who would have ever predicted their popularity with all the Superheroes of the day beginning with Superman, Batman and now the Spiderman sequels. It is endless! Good business for me in this sad economy so I have no complaints. I do believe that it is always better to hold onto an unrestored comic book as long as it grades in FINE or better condition. Anything less than that can prove to be a worthwhile candidate for restoration given the paper quality (basically newsprint, highly acidic and will deteriorate) and of course get that old glue and scotch tape off for sure! I can do wonders. Check out amazing before/after photos at

    I am appearing at The third annual Boston Comic Con on this Sunday, March 16th. Check out the flyer at or just come on down! Meet many terrific artists and a legend in Carmine Infantino, a world reknown comic book talent! Of course, check those attics and basements and should you find anything in paper worth restoring, I will have my table set up complete with magnifying glasses and tweezers to examine any treasures you may own.
    I have a neat slide show set up as well.

    For you jazz lovers, that “other great American art form, there is another website I would like to share with you. I love music, jazz music and photography. I will let the site speak for itself.

    Have a great day all!


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