Sight-seeing on Mars

Yowza! Check out this panoramic landscape from Mars.


It’s from a place called Hebes Chasma. What you’re looking at is a plateau in the middle of a canyon 8000 meters deep. That is to say, this thing would make a dandy bathtub for Mount Everest (8848 m). Mind you, that mountain could use a good scrubbing, what with all the tramping and the digging and all those filthy climbers.

It’s too bad we don’t have Google Maps to show us the neighborhood on Mars. Oh, I almost forgot that we live in the future! Of course we have automatic mechanical Mars Maps!

The ESA site that describes these pictures is also worth a visit. I really like living in the future.

(via Riding with Robots)

5 thoughts on “Sight-seeing on Mars”

  1. I was suprised to see that this is in the that-looks-infected-you-should-see-a-doctor region of the Google Mars Map (if you pan out).

  2. And come on! Hebe’s chasm? Really? Was there a field trip at the observatory and they let the 14 year olds name the features?

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