Earliest sunset 2008

Where I live, yesterday marked the earliest sunset. From now until summer, you’ll get more afternoon for your money. It’s cold and dark in New England. I always resent the sunlight when it goes vacationing in the southern hemisphere, but I am always happy to welcome it back. Nice Sun… make yourself comfortable. Shall I get you a towel and lounge chair?

I have come to think of this, along with Groundhog Day, as one of my favorite faux-holidays. It needs a name, though. Peak Dusk? Dark High Water Mark? Twilight of the Twilights? The Turn? I like the fact that it appears on different days in different places. If you lived in San Diego, you’d be celebrating on December 3rd.

Anyway, I was able to find a nifty iPhone application to feed my obsession with the sun’s progress: the Vela Design Group’s VelaClock. It provides a lot of information on the rising and setting of the sun and moon (including azimuth), and, charmingly, it works off your exact location based on the GPS unit.

2 thoughts on “Earliest sunset 2008”

  1. The name for this should support a “…morning…” and “…evening…” version. I sort of like The Turn, because then you can talk about The Morning Turn and The Evening Turn. It feels like it still needs polishing though. Wish I could come up with something instead of just yammering.


  2. I agree with you about the morning and evening aspect. It also needs to be simple and straightforward and not smack of Renaissance Faire wooden sword pseudo-pagan puffery. It’s the extremum of the evening flood tide of darkness. Peak eventide. Hmmm, that’s still not it…

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