Rainforest diversity

In the beasts of the tropical rainforest we see a riot of color and shape like no other place on earth. This lovely poster calls attention to some of the remarkable species found in the modern rainforest.


Here we see arrayed everything from the small and reclusive Franklin 3600 to the swaggering John Deere Feller/Buncher (shown here in a florid courtship display). The enormous blue “Ripper” Caterpillar may have savage-looking mouth parts, but we should remember that this gentle giant is a vegetarian.

Sadly, biologists are now concerned that time may be growing short for these lovely lumbering beasts. Habitat destruction is shrinking their wild ranges, although there is some evidence that, when the last tree is plucked, they may be able to switch their diet to houses.

(I saw this on a fun blog that I just came across called Inspire me, now!)

2 thoughts on “Rainforest diversity”

  1. They all look very Nausica√§, especially the “Ripper” Caterpillar:

    I’m not sure about the Feller/Buncher: that might be a startle response instead of the usual courtship display.

  2. I spent five years in the New Guinea jungles tracking Feller/Bunchers. By the end, I could identify individuals by the warm oil drippings they left behind. I could even tell you if they needed a new filter. You may have seen my book about the experience, “Chippy: The Best Little Feller” (Warm Planet Press, 2005). I think I know a courtship display when I see one.

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