2009 Singapore Robot Games

On BotJunkie I found this: the 2009 Singapore Robot Games. Robot soccer is one of those things that sounds really cool, but turns out not to be very interesting. Most of the time, the robots are so clueless that the game is interesting only if you’re one of the people that built the robots.

Recently that’s started to change. Here’s a video from last month’s Robot Games in Singapore. It’s the first time I’ve watched robot soccer and felt like it was an exciting competition. That little pink striker is dynamite!

Also, don’t miss the six-legged robot race video on the same site. Huge bugs. When the contestants reach down to pick up their insectoid robots, I get the same sympathetic creepy feeling I get when the crazy guys on the Discovery Channel pick up giant scorpions. Yuck.

When you feel like a walking robot is icky wiggly creepy, that’s good news for robotics.

2 thoughts on “2009 Singapore Robot Games”

  1. Yeah, it’s all fun and games now, “Oh, look at the dopey robots flail around, ha ha ha!” You’ll be singing a different tune when the robots take over and enslave us….the robots or the zombies, either one. Personally, I’m hoping for robots, at least you can try to reason with them. With zombies, it’s all “Brains! Brains! Brains!”

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