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With the 40th anniversary of the faked landing on the moon, the exploits of our ancient space mariners are much in the public eye. As it simultaneously fades into the past and the future, the lunar landing becomes ever more unimaginable and mythic in the public imagination. Just as Erich von Däniken once speculated that ancient Egyptians couldn’t possibly have been clever enough to build their own pyramids without extraterrestrial help, it won’t be long before no one believes that the tiny humans who lived in the 1960s (The Kingston Trio! Perry Como!) could possibly have gone to the moon. I even wrote a short script for future TV show based on this premise: Mysteries of the Ancients.

Anyway, when it comes to NASA videos, I always look for the most unedited stuff I can get my hands on. This, for my money, is the best video of the landing: one shot, out-the-window, from 40,000 feet to touchdown.

And since we should remember the new guys who are up there even now, I recommend this Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. The shots are all pretty amazing, but don’t miss the Weekly Top 10. Look, for example, at this god’s-eye view of a giant thunderstorm. It might be a little overwhelming seeing that endless spectacle out the window hour after hour. That’s the real reason we only send scientists, pilots, and engineers into space. Put a poet up there and their head would come off.

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  1. I got serious chills hearing “the eagle has landed”… thanks a lot for posting that – if we move past the “40th anniversary” hoopla, we have to take a moment to acknowledge that this was a real achievement (and yes, I do believe it happened!) – this footage really cuts to the chase and reminds us what was actually achieved that day, still almost unthinkable to me.

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