Decoder Rings for the Net Naif

One of the great things about the Internet is that, while it encourages the creation of fierce micro-cultures built around arcane factoids and bizarre practices, it simultaneously facilitates the cheerful and articulate explanation of the same. Where you might stumble across the phenomenon known as Juggalos (I can’t recommend that you follow that link), you’d learn more by zipping over to the more sober description at Wikipedia. Similarly, would you rather learn about the Church of SubGenius here or here? It is a great comfort to know that if a hipster twenty-something tries to spring some truncated textspeak on me like TL;DR, a quick trip to will set me straight.


My latest find, courtesy of a recent reference to The Juggernaut Bitch!! is KnowYourMeme, a sort of Snopes of the meme world. I was pleased to see a reference there to a neighbor of mine. FU Penguin, written in the town where I live, is a profane tonic to counteract CuteOverload and LOL Cats. It appears on KnowYourMeme as one of many Single Topic Blogs. Cake Wrecks? Owl Tattoos? WTF?

Start your engines and prepare to waste a lot of time.

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  1. Hi Ben! I was hoping to hear from you about fine Juggalo sites, since I have you to blame for first learning that Juggalos existed.

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