Boston’s Dirty Water

Speaking of raw, stable video, here are two different views of our recent water-related unpleasantness here in Boston. First is this surveillance video of what it looked like on the scene as it happened. So that’s what it looks like when an 8 million gallons per hour geyser can’t get to the bathroom in time. I need a clean up on aisle three please!

This next video provides a slow aerial survey to the mess. Why it makes me feel just like Governor Patrick. Incidentally, that muddy water made it all the way downstream to me in Watertown. I understand we’ll have clean water again soon, but in the meantime this order that we drink only boiled water is scalding the hell out of my tongue.

3 thoughts on “Boston’s Dirty Water”

  1. The water has been declared okay to drink as of this morning! Hooray! Yesterday at the vet I overheard the front desk person telling a pet owner “you need to boil the water for your pets, but don’t give them boiling water.” I guess they just want to be sure…

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