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This is a wonderful tool, but my advice is to take advantage of it quickly before the lawyers make it vanish. It’s a Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine. Type in a word and find all the Calvin & Hobbes strips that match. I remember the glory days, back when it was still in the papers. It’s fun to look up specific strips that I can still recall. For instance, a search for bridge brings up this classic dialogue.

“How do they know the load limit on bridges Dad?”
“They drive bigger and bigger trucks over the bridge until it breaks. Then they weigh the last truck and rebuild the bridge.”
“Oh. I should’ve guessed.”

How about all the strips with Susie Derkins? I like the one where she convinces Calvin that a snowball has knocked out one of her eyeballs. The search term “cannonball” brings up this great splash attack. There’s Spaceman Spiff, Calvinball, and the best dancing tiger artwork you will ever see.

Oh Lordy, stop me now. Like I said, go enjoy it before it’s gone. What are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine”

  1. My favorite single Calvin panel ever is the first panel of the strip where Calvin belches at the dinner table and an apology is extracted from him. (I haven’t gone to look for it yet, but if you look for “train coming through” you’ll probably find it.)

    And I’m not going to apologize for being an unreconstructed bodily-functions-humor devotee.


  2. C&H is IMHO the best comic ever made. One of my all-time favorites (other than the life-affirming, lump-in-the-throat-inducing final strip) was 1/14/1990. I’m looking at it now in my Complete Calvin and Hobbes, Volume Two, page 234. A Sunday strip with no dialogue – Calvin’s Dad realizes what’s important in life.

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