Pre-fab ThermaSteel for the masses

My brother-in-law Craig is an artist with a special interest in sustainable, affordable housing. This summer he participated in a show at the 1708 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. Here’s an article in Richmond Magazine about his piece: a sculptural octagonal living unit made out of pre-fabricated ThermaSteel. ThermaSteel is a pretty nifty material. It’s strong, lightweight, and has excellent insulating properties.

Working from the plans of a house he built years ago for himself and his wife (the original and venerable OLU), Craig has designed a 500 square foot living space that can be quickly assembled with minimal effort. He notes that “for about $50,000, it is possible to manufacture, crate, and ship ten of these units, to Port au Prince,” where thousands are still without shelter.

Want to help him house some Haitians?

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