Projecting videos of buildings onto buildings

So here’s yet another tie-in to the Creative Internet link I had up last week (the world is full of interesting things), but this time it has a family connection. First of all, my nephew Ben noted in the comments that he is sort of friends with Adam WarRock, the guy who wrote the theme to the Star Wars Uncut project I linked to.

Now Ben’s sister Sarah (follow this carefully) is back from Lebanon, where she had many excellent adventures. And since she’s been back, she’s had lots of time to surf the web and flag cool articles on Google Reader. Which is great news for me, because when it comes to the web, she has a fine and well-traveled palate for the odd, the curious, and the morbid. You should follow her on Google Buzz to get her recommendations. One of her recent links was to a video of a famous clock in Prague serving as the screen for a video about that same clock. It’s a kind of augmented reality art that’s hard to explain but remarkable to watch. This idea of a video of a building remixed and projected back onto itself also features in the aforementioned Creative Internet site. Here’s a good one (from slide 71), to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

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