Upside down square dancing

I saw this video of dancing quadrocopters, and it made me think of the new sport of synchronized indoor skydiving. Or as I prefer to call it, upside down square dancing.

You’ll notice they got the music all wrong. Just mute the volume on this video and open up Turkey in the Straw in another window with the volume on. Seriously, try it. It’s worth the effort.

All this aerial dancing raises some interesting possibilities. Can we have hybrid quadcopter/skydiver paired air dancing? Will cyborgs cry when the Bulgarian judge crushes them with a bad rating? Will humans cry when they are crushed by the Cylon judge?

I won’t be satisfied with robot dancing, aerial or otherwise, until it’s performed and choreographed by a robot.

3 thoughts on “Upside down square dancing”

  1. I was skeptical but you were right, that was totally worth the effort. Also, I suspect I would’ve enjoyed square dancing a lot more in 4th & 5th grades had it involved indoor skydiving…

  2. The video is stunning, but I hurt myself laughing at the video with the Turkey In The Straw soundtrack! Thanks for tip!!!

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