It’s 14.3 day in Europe!

Great hovering kookaburras! Pi Day is upon us, and me with my best pi coat at the cleaner’s.

In honor of the blessed event, I like to point people back to the Pi-Ku poetry we made up on this site back in 2007. There still are some great poems in there. My favorite is Chris K’s

Opa! I know a
Greek character to denote
disks’ key ratio

Naturally, haikus also put me in mind of the fit of pangram haikus that we did a while back.

You can see where this is headed. And so I thought to myself… hmmm. Do you suppose we could make a hai-ku-pi-pan-gram*? How about this:

For a quiz I found
vexatious Pi, mystic Greek.
She: jewel, blossom.

There we go. Haiku syllables. Pi letter count. Alphabetic pangrammitude. And the topic is the Queen herself. It won’t win any prizes, but still.

You must do better! Use this.

* Coincidentally, Haikupipangram is also the name of the Minister of Weights and Measures in King Kamehameha’s first administration.

5 thoughts on “It’s 14.3 day in Europe!”

  1. Re-using parts of one of my previous Rambles Pi Day entries, I invoked a tremulous Archimedes and his deity to come up with this:

    Ago, o’ Jove, a
    quaky Siracusan (be
    amazed) flex’d pi’s worth

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