Claudia’s Design Snapshots (and ZUIs)

I work with a talented designer named Claudia Wey. My company is lucky enough to benefit every day from her good taste and design skills. Now you too can benefit by following her Design Snapshots blog.

Here is one of her catches: impress.js, a presentation tool. Go here and press the right arrow key to step through the presentation.

It’s a fun example of breaking out of the box of “typical” PowerPoint presentations, but too much of the spinning and vaulting gives me vertigo. The inspiration for impress.js was Prezi, and before that people like Ben Bederson have been working on zoomable UIs for years. I would guess that is the closest thing to a true ZUI product that made it into the wild.

Here, watch this one: Meaning in Communication | Understanding Information Architecture (or lack thereof). It’s about information architecture, but the structure of its own information is jello on a roller coaster.

Is it more than a gimmick? What do you think?

One thought on “Claudia’s Design Snapshots (and ZUIs)”

  1. I honestly share you skepticism. While I found this style of presentation very interesting, I am puzzled on how I could apply this style to my own content. Maybe it is just matter of getting used to a different type of thinking, but it is kind of frightening. The obvious purpose is to provide an overview of the presentation and the relations among the content. The less obvious challenge is to represent this relation in a clear way without adding unnecessary complexity. That said, I would love to try it once, to better understand how does it feels in practice.

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