Happy Crepusculus!

Today is the special day that I celebrate each year. At my latitude (42 degrees North), the earliest sunset of the year is December 9th. At my exact location, that sunset time is 4:12:06 PM, Eastern Standard Time. More or less. And behold, my Sunset Clock is showing all the sunsets for the next two weeks occurring later than today! This is the sort of thing that makes me happy.


If you are puzzled about the earliest sunset happening a few weeks before the shortest day, I agree with you that it is a little puzzling. My best effort explaining can be found here: The Earliest Sunset.

Now onto the important part: names. A special day deserves a special name. As a late riser, today has more significance than the solstice itself. When the sun rises is a matter of extreme indifference to me.

Last year I proposed to calling the day Seculus, following a recommendation that I came across on the web. But that idea didn’t gain much ground. So let’s try another one: Crepusculus, after the Latin for twilight. So? Will it sell? What do you think? What name would you prefer? These things matter. Hallmark will pay you big bucks if you can cook up another cardable day.

4 thoughts on “Happy Crepusculus!”

  1. I use some software (http://justgetflux.com/) that automatically shifts the color of my monitor after sunset. This is allegedly better for one’s sleep, as you are not being exposed to the unnatural bright blues before bed time.

    A side effect of this software (and a slightly depressing one at that) is that I have been keenly aware of the time of sunset. I, too, am glad that Crepusculus is behind us.

  2. The idea is fun; I think the nomenclature requires further cogitation. I associate “crepuscular” with road-kill and creatures that stare into headlights (rabbits, in particular) and dwindling sunsets. How about “gloamin’ ” (a wretched pun, to be certain, but no tire-tracks)?

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