Liquid Sculpture

High speed photography has become increasingly commonplace. Even so, every now and then you see pictures that remind you how much your slow eyes miss, especially when the pictures are artfully made. Here’s a site called Liquid Sculpture that specializes in beautiful art prints of splashes frozen in time. The artist’s name is Martin Waugh, and his pictures capture nifty umbrella and crown splash shapes. As long as you’re browsing, don’t miss the dainty drop-water globe and the unmistakable juggling nipple (honestly).

Here’s a page I came across a few days ago that is not so artful but plenty nifty: Between the Seconds on

When I see images like this, I like to imagine taking a complex pattern of water flow with all its swirling eddies and dimpled standing waves, and freezing one instant of it into a solid image, a sculpture that you could look at from any angle, something like a bullet time effect. These days it should be possible to do something like that, with laser scanners and 3-D printing, but I have yet to see anyone try it.