PC Forum organizer Esther Dyson

PC Forum organizer Esther Dyson has some choice words about blogging during conference talks at the PC Forum. The big idea is that people can use a Wi-Fi network to blog about a talk in real time to the whole world. What does this mean? Esther says: “In some sense, the power of the conference moderator is reduced. Bloggers can add their own value … and they can relay their version from inside the tent to those outside the tent and out of the organizer’s control.” It’s easy to see that A) this will make a lot of people uncomfortable, and B) it can’t be stopped.

The last conference I went to (O’Reilly Bioinformatics in Tucson) people were typing away the whole time all over the audience. But every time I got close enough to peek, they were doing something completely unrelated to the talk: idly surfing the web, writing and compiling code, or playing solitaire. High tech doodling. Tappity-tap tap tap.