I’m listening to some tapes

I’m listening to some tapes by Robert Greenberg (available from the Teaching Company) on the history of music. They’re very entertaining… I hadn’t realized, for example, how significant opera was in the development of many other musical forms like oratorio and sonata form. Then I remembered that there was somebody else I had heard on the radio who gave talks called “What makes it so great?” But who? Was it Greenberg? One quick visit to Google later, I learned that it’s Robert Kapilow, another clever and inspirational music geek. Listen to him wax rhapsodic about Harold Arlen’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow on NPR’s Performance Today.

2 thoughts on “I’m listening to some tapes”

  1. Thanks for the link … I notice that on the Teaching Company Site there are a lot of tapes under the heading “Fine Arts and Music Courses” — can you recommend a specific one? Did you get a “beginners’ guide to” type tape?

  2. Hi Kevin:

    I can very happily and strongly recommend the series I link to above: “How to Listen to and Understand Great Music.” It’s an introductory music appreciation type of class, but very well done. Furthermore, once you get a feel for Greenberg’s entertaining style, it’s easy enough to see that other tapes of his would also be worthwhile. It looks like he’s done two dozen or so, but I’ve only listened to one.

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