Potter’s Curiosities in Peril!

Some months ago I described an unusual museum in England put together originally by the slightly mad Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter. Potter’s strange Museum of Curiosities apparently is in grave danger of being liquidated and may go under the gavel this fall if nothing is done. Apparently the inn needs more space for rooms. A gentleman named Richard Taylor posted a message to this site pleading for help and directing us to the
Campaign to Save Mr Potter’s Museum of Curiosities site. Eccentricity is rare in this world and should be preserved. If this museum is sold in small lots at auction, the individual pieces will remain, but the eccentricity will be smashed into oblivion. As Taylor points out on the campaign site…

On its own, a “box containing early Australian travelling salesman’s gin sample bottles” might be of marginal interest. But next to the “shoes worn by Charles Wykeham-Martin MP at Queen Victoria’s fancy dress ball 1845” and “a deformed perch” – it’s extraordinary!

Take a look at this exhaustive inventory of unusual loot and ask yourself where else could I go to see stuffed rats playing dominoes, smoking, and being raided by police? Want to help? If so, go here: http://mysite.freeserve.com/pottersmuseum/help.htm.

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  1. I just got my elvish intials back today, and they are beautiful, I am just going out the door to get them tattooed. Thank you so much for the beautiful work.

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