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I was a serious Tolkien geek as a boy. Around sixth grade I taught myself the Elvish writing that Tolkien invented for the Lord of the Rings. In fact, he created both a language and a character set; these characters, you may recall, decorate the One Ring.

If you don’t mess with the actual Elvish language, you can just use the beautiful characters to spell out English words. It’s not that hard, but there are a few tricky bits to work out, so if you’re a sixth grade Tolkien geek you can feel pretty darn self-satisfied. It’s also turned out to be a useful life skill to have a private code in which to take notes. I never forgot my Elvish writing skills (that’s my name to the left) and still use them to this day. My graduate school notebooks, for example, were littered with sloppily lettered Elvish declarations like “I am so sleepy,” and “please let this class end soon.” Top secret stuff like that. Also, chicks dig it when you write their name in Elvish.

Given all this, I was pleased to see that someone has gone to the trouble of making an Elvish font called Tengwar. Now if you’re itching to write your own powerful ring inscriptions, you know where to start.

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  1. This Elvish stuff keeps coming up, so I keep poking around, and I have to say that this is the best guide I’ve found yet: “Writing Quenya with Tengwar” by Per Lindberg [ http://www.forodrim.org/daeron/teng-que.pdf ]. It’s very comprehensive, and it’s available on the Forodrim site [ http://www.forodrim.org/daeron/md_teng_primers.html ]. As an added bonus, you can get the Swedish version. In fact, you should get the Swedish version so that you can still have the thrill of struggling to learn Elvish. Unless you already speak Swedish, of course.

  2. does anyone know how to write the name karen in elvish writing i cant find anything of any use anywhere.

  3. Hey can you send me an email with the following words writen in elvish please!!??!! :)

    – Crystal
    – Faith
    – Love
    – Hope

    Thank you very much!!

  4. hi,

    i was wondering if you could send me SARAH in elvish. I want to commemorate the ending of the trilogy with a tatoo. I have read the books a million times and i just think if I am going to be stuck with it I might as well get it in elvish.

  5. hi i was wondering if you could send me an e-mail with my name written in elvish (stacey) for the past year ive’ tried to find one but it’s impossible!!
    i already have two lord of the rings tatoos all i need now is my name and i will be complete as i had the other two done for each film!! ;)
    ta love stacey

  6. Can you please email me and let me know how to write Ryan, Adriana, and Dede in Tengwar cursive and just regualar Tengwar. Thanks..

  7. Hi there! I have just found your website and wondered whether you could please help me write some names in elvish. My husband and I want them enscribed on our wedding bands and our childrens names on our braclets. The names are:-


    I would be so grateful for your help as I have not got a clue where to start and my husband and I are both devoted fans of LOTR.

    Thank you.

  8. i was wondering if you could write out the word star and hope in elvish for me becaue i would like to get a tatto of it…

  9. Hello emz, I completely agree! Lord of the Rings is the coolest ever! I love Frodo. At the end, when he didn’t die, I practically squealed with spasmodical glee!

  10. Hi! i just wanted to know how to write these names in Elvish:
    i would really apreciate it!
    when i tried to figure out how to write these names it was so hard.
    Thanks a bunch!
    with love

  11. Hi, I was wondering if you could send me The names
    Ayla and Isaac written in elvish. They are my children and I would so like to have thier names tatooed some where. Thank you so much!

  12. Could you please write these words in elvish for me?

  13. Hi, I’d be really glad if you could write the name “Michelle”, or the letter “M” in elvish, as I’d like to have it tatooed!!

  14. hey man how da hell did u teach urself da elvish words n all? help me out here will ya? cos i wanna be able to write stuff dwn too haha

  15. Hello! I have just recently seen the movie, The Return of the King. I think the whole trilogy is awesome! I am now going to read the books and be able to compare or pick up bits and pieces that was not shown in the movie. I’m so excited! I have been also searching on the web far too long on how to write my name in Tengwar Cursive and finally found this forum at last. I’m glad that I’m not alone in planning to get a tattoo of my own name printed in Elvish. Elvish is so cool! I’m just wondering if you could write “DENNIS” in Tengwar Cursive inscription for me and how is it pronounce in elvish language. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much in advance.

  16. Hi. I think elvish language is really beautiful and I would like to have my tattoo. can u help me by writing Joanne & Clara in elvish? thanks…:0)

  17. there wouldn’t by any chance something as simple as a elvish alphabet that you could email me. if there is it would be greatly appreciated if you emailed it to me.

  18. ‘ello. i was wondering if you can send me the Elvish alphabet. that’d be great…danke. cheers. -Aranel Litsetaure Ashwood-Greenleaf (yep…my Elvish name)

  19. Cant figure out how to write Briana in elvish… Anyone out there who knows how? I have the fonts down loaded.

  20. could someone help, a want my name in elvish. if anyone could tell me how to write Vicky please email me

  21. So how do I write the word love or magic in elvish? Im very confused, so can someone please help me out?

  22. HI! I agree, elvish is very pretty, does anyone know where I could find an elvish alphabet? and where do I downlaod the fonts? please email me if you know, thanks heaps!

  23. Hi! I would like to get a tattoo of my name, “Oliver Rainer” in elvish. Could someone help pls?

  24. Hay!want to get a tattoo of name, how would i say Joshua and how would i say Rose,Guitar and June
    That would be great!
    Thanks alot!

  25. Hey. I really want to get a tatoo and like most here ive decided on my name in elvish. So if anyone could send me ‘Rachel’ in elvish i would be eternally greatful. Thank you!!

  26. Hiya,
    Can you please send me the elvish script for:
    Thank you very much!!!

  27. Hi Ned! Thank you very much for the beautiful design of my name in elvish! Its perfect and I can’t wait to get it tattoed!! You did a magnificent job! Thank you very much! Will contact you with the pics when they are done!

  28. Could you please help me??? I’m trying to get a ring designed for my boyfriend and I want to engrave something romantic onto it. The problen is I can’t seem to find any web sites that allow me to translate english words into elvish. Could you please help me? I want to write “Forever Love” in Elvish

  29. Hi I was wondering if someone can send me the elvish characters for the names Hardat and Annais.I’d like to get them tattooed and I’d really appreciate it.Thanks!!

  30. would you please send me what my name would look like in elvish so that i can get a tattoo on my arm like it?

  31. Could you please send me a picture of what my name: Sarah looks like in Elvish?? Thanks a bunch!

  32. Thank you for the beautiful design, I love it! i’ll send you a picture as soon as i get my tattoo.

  33. i feel bad for asking this considering the amount of people asking u above. but if u have time, and there is no rush, i just wanna know how to write Naïma and Nina in elvish.

  34. Could someone please help me???
    I want my first tattoo to be one of these words in elvish characters.
    So can someone please email me and let me know how.
    I would be so grateful.

    – Lisa/the letter L
    – Love
    – Fate
    – Promise/Commitment
    – Eternity
    – hope
    – soul(mate)
    – passion/disere
    – i love you
    – faith
    – aquarius
    – forever love

  35. Thanks for the Elvish writing you sent me! I am very pleased with the results! I am planning on getting a tatoo on my back, and I’m happy that I could find my name somewhere!!

  36. Hi There

    Hey, i am trying to get a tattoo in elvish. I want to say either “courage” or “strength and courage”, depending on how big it is. I am wondering, is it best to get it translated into elvish first (am I right that strength and courage is “polod ar huor”) or should I just write it in english using elvish transcript. Are you able to do the elvish script for me? Yo’d be my best mate?


  37. Hey, I’ve looked everywhere to download the Elvish fount, it’s been very boring and I spent three hours doing. I’ve done almost every search imaginable and came up empty-handed a look around and see Elvish writing on all sites but nowhere to downloaded from.
    It has been very long and very dull work trying to make one and I much rather just downloaded it. So for anyone can tell me where I might be able to find someone to download it from that would be pretty sweet contact me via e-mail at CMRichardson@Comcast.net thanks a lot, later

  38. Hey Ned, can you write “This was a really bad idea” for me in Elf-ish? I know you’re busy and all, but I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

  39. Hello. In a previous post, someone named Crystal asked for the words: Faith, Hope and Love in elvish. Can you please forward them to me? I’d appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much!!

  40. Hi…Im trying to get a tattoo in elvish…but not sure what exactly. Could yo send me these word in elvish please???
    V vicky Victoria sea adventure faith passion stars dream

  41. Uhhhh….Rob,I think that’s *Elfin,* not *Elf-ish.* Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “elfin magic”???? Though you’re probably not familiar with Tolkien’s more *obscure* works….

  42. Hi….Like so many others I am going to get a tattoo in elvish writting, But I don’t know how to spell the words I am thinking of getting. PLEASE help me! Can you tell me how to spell:

    – Faith
    – Love
    – Life
    – Follow your heart

    I can’t thank you enough! It means the world!

  43. Hiyah – thinking about getting an elfy tatoo, but I don’t know how to spell the words I want:

    Dominance, Convergence, Vengeance

    Can you help me out? I can pay you.

  44. Thanks for writing my name! I loved it, I do plan on getting it tattooed and will for sure send pictures! Thanks once again!

  45. Thank you so much for writing out that phrase for me, Ned! You responded so fast- I was amazed! Keep up the good work, and I’ll be sending you a picture of my tattoo soon!

  46. I want my name in tangwar elvish. Could you please email me what it will look like? Thank you

  47. Can you tell me if there are syntax irregularities between Elvish and English, ie can I just use the Quenya font, type my name (or whatever) and have a true translation, or are there idiomatic considerations?



  48. There’s no simple one-for-one alphabetic substitution that represents Elvish. There are some subtleties. It’s not very hard, but it’s not easy, which is why a lot of people are frustrated trying to find a simple Elvish font. In fact, despite the fact that this thread was originally called “Elvish fonts”, I don’t know of any true font that treats Elvish properly. I show some of the issues on a page I wrote here:


    If you want me to write your name in Elvish, go to this page to see what to do.



  49. can u send me my name (kailey) written in Elvish, i want to get it tatooed on my lower back. thanks

  50. hi, already have the official tolkien emblem tattooed on my ankle, but would really love “there is always hope” in elvish, as I feel this is the moral of the trilogy. Please could you do this for me!? Thank you x

  51. Hello. I think it’s fantastic that you know how to write characters of a different language. However, the website I previously visited said that the language on the ring is not Elvish, but of Mordor, and Gandalf’s statement in The Fellowship of the Ring supports this. Is it true?

  52. i think this so great. i’m a fanatic fan of LOTR. and i want to know how to write it. where can i find such a place?

  53. sorry, i read all of these posts, and i am going to play the part of the broken record. ive been searching all over the web and trying to learn but i couldnt even learn spanish! i too am getting a tattoo. its going to be of striders poem in elvish script. not all that glitters is gold, not all who wander are lost. and so on and so forth. what ever you can do to help me would be much appreciated. thanx.

  54. hi ned,

    it would be very much appreciated if you could send me these names in elvish:



  55. Okay i have a question about the fonts. I go to these LOTR chatrooms on yahoo, and i hear people talking with theve *I THINK, ELVEN* fonts and it interests me, and i want to type with them but i cant find any over the net, like someone will type méla see it has the symbol over the e..so basically its like an english font, but it has thy symbols. And i hate copy and pasting this crap, so i want to write it myself. If you know PLEASE contact me, just email me, or AIM: ILuvJoeNichols Msn: My email provided Yahoo: lotrreturnoftheking_girl

  56. Thanks so very much for the translations of life, love and wisdom – the postcard will be coming with a photo when I get the tattoo done this week – well tomorrow actually! It is so amazing that you can do this wonderful text. It is sooo beautiful and amazing. So cheers for the favour love from hobbit girl down under!.

  57. Thank you SO much! The names are beautiful, and it is going to make one Lord of the Rings fanatic the happiest man on the planet not to mention earn me major points!! Ha Ha!!
    Thanks again….I can promise I will be back!

  58. hi,can you send me an e-mail with these names writen in elvish, and a copy of the alphabeth?
    Julieth – Stefy – Walla – Sylvia – Jele

    thank you!!


  59. I was wondering if there was any website that I could go to where I could learn to write Elvish cursive without having to download something. If there is such a place, can someone please give me the link? Thanks.

  60. hi could you please send me the elvish alphabet like, abc, cuz i want to learn it well, but i don’t really understand it the way tolkien write it, thanx :)

  61. Could you please e-mail me the names in elvish:
    and also is there anywhere, where i can get the elvish alphabet, i tried already but it didn’t work.
    Thank you loads!!!!!!

  62. Hi can you please please translate the following in elvish for me please. I have looked everywhere and it is so hard. I would greatly appreciate it. And also a copy of the elvish alphabet.


  63. hi cn u please tell me how to write the following in elvish coz i want to engrave it in out anniversary rings:

    ” I love you, Noman ”

    ” Saleha Noman “

  64. Can someone please send me the names Rachael, Declan, and John in elvish. Also if not to much trouble “The Lord of the Rings”. I finally was able to decide on my tattoos when I discovered Lord of the Rings. It had such a deep and lasting impression on me and now I know how to make my gratefullness shown.

  65. Hey, thanks so much for the translation of my sons name, Dartanyon, into Elvish. Living in New Zealand where the trilogy was filmed we have become immersed in LOTR culture and many people we know, including family, were involved in some aspect of it. We are going to incorporate the translation into a mural for him, it’s so beautiful, and when its completed I will be sure to send you a picture. Thanks again

  66. Hey! Can someone please help me? Im looking for the word strenght in elvish. Is it BRAGOL THALION or AMA POLDORA…??? Please let me know if someone knows how to write it in tengwar cursive!! I would love to have that word as a tattoo…

    Thanks a lot!

  67. Hi Ned,
    i was wondering if you coould send me these names in elvish


    thanks i’d really apprecieate it……my sister also uses my email so make sure you put who its from…..thanks so much alison

  68. can u plz write these words in tht elvish font?
    – Margaret
    – Dixon
    – Miriam
    It would b lovly if u could. thanx

  69. Hi,

    If it is possible could you send me the following in elvish font.



  70. how do you write
    alexa in elvish?
    my friend wants to know and i don’t know how to write it out so could you e-mail it to me!! i would mean the worls to me!!


  71. Hi there, i was just wondering if you could help me out ive just started to try and learn how to read and write in tengwar! im a huge fan of the whole tolkien world, i wonderd if you could possibly translate some words for me to help me get along! im actually geting a tattoo done soon but cant do the translations my self please help!!
    the words are

    peace through strength

    this would be much appreciated
    northern ireland

  72. I was hoping you could send me the name Joy in elvish, as I’ve been looking to get it tattooed on me for some time, but can’t decide on a style. Thanks!

  73. hi i was wondering if you could tell me how to write Brandy in elvish i want to get it tattoed on myself

  74. hey i was wondedering if u cld email me the elvish abc…plzzzz?
    and u cld u write the names
    in elvish? plz?!?!?!?

  75. Hi I was hoping that you could send me the elvish abc’s and the name Mandi written in the elvish language if you can that would be wonderful.

  76. hi, i have just got married and both me and my husband would like to have each others names tattoed in elvish tangwar script please could you email them to me thankyou


  77. Whoa, Ned, here’s your chance to pull a real dirty trick.

    “Sure, this says Love Emma in tengwar.”

    (translation: “I’m with stupid” or something like that)

    Not that Ned would ever pull a dirty trick like that :) But Emma, surely you and Robert will want to do the research yourself rather than modify your bodies on the basis of what some blog-writing madman tells you?


  78. Hello-
    I’m gettin a tattoo in 2005.
    I would like a pic of the symbol for faith in elvish. it would be most appriciated. i dont want to end up with the elvish letter B on my arm now do i.

    thanx again,
    Trista Johnson

  79. Hey,

    I feel really sily and I’m so sorry to bother you with a petty question like this but I’m starting to get desperate. I have worked out that the word ‘hope’ in elvish is estel(is that right?) and I have tried to work out from the appendices how this is written but I’m really not understanding it and I’m worried that even if I do eventually work it out I will probably make a mistake….so I thought I would ask an expert(notice the flattery?!). Would you please be able to tell me how to write it in tengwar?

    I will be eternally grateful.

    p.s great site,I loved the little story at the top!(ok that was probably too much but hey I threw caution to the wind!)

    Jessica Gooding

  80. I would like to have my son and husband name in elvish. If anyone can help me I would be grateful.
    My husband name is Cecil and my son name is Darrell.

  81. Hi,I need your help!!!
    I am a very very very big fan of elves and elvish languages. Can you send/translate to me this words in elvish please…

    -the lord of the rings

    I hope you’re gonna answer me…
    Thanks..very very much

  82. Hi

    I would be grateful if you could let me know how to write CLAIRE & AINSLEY in elvish for myself and my sister.

    Thanks a lot!

  83. Hey…I was wondering if someone could please write my name Kari in elvish and then e-mail it to me. I really wanna get a tattoo of it. Thanks to anyone who helps!

  84. i would be verry grateful if you could send me these names writen in elvish font
    thank you barry

  85. i’m trying to find this phrase (él síla lúmena vomentienguo. “a star shines upon the hour of our meeting”) that’s writen in the elvish symbols. i can’t seem to find a page that can show me what it would look like written out. can some one help me?
    thanks a ton!

  86. i need to know how to write never give up, never back down in elvis writting can any one e-mail it to me

  87. yo!!
    im trying to find a way i can get elvish fonts on my p.c do u no whear i can get it from if u could tell me that would b a big help
    Thanks dude

  88. please,if someone could write the letters “G”,”s”,”v”,”I” or the names “julieth”, “vale”,”ste”, “sylvia” in elvish, and e-mail it to me…it’s important,thanks, I need it…

  89. Hey I want to know how to write -Becky, -Love,
    -Princess, and Ring in elvish. I need to know for my tatoo. :)

  90. wow.
    all of a sudden, i feel very unoriginal and sheepish. unoriginal because i really want faith, hope, and love as a tattoo, and sheepish because there are so many people asking you…
    when you have the time, do you think you could send me FAITH.HOPE.LOVE?
    and props for knowing the language. i think that’s awesome.
    i feel daunted and don’t know where to begin even though i’d really like to learn, cáuse i don’t know where to start.
    anyways, thank you very much!

  91. can you please pease send me
    in elvish thanks a bunch

  92. Hey, im planning to get a tatoo and i want to get something original…does any one have any ideas??? i want a phrase in elvish to go across the bottom of my back…so if any one could help me i would appreciate it…thanx….
    luv Gem xxxx

  93. Hey i was wondering if you could Email me my name AYME in elvish, and is there a way you can do it so that I can put it on my AIM profile?

  94. hi i am wondering if you could send me this word written in elvish im going to get it as a tatto and i want it to be diffrent a one of a kind thing i hope you can help me out the word is
    if you could do this for me i would really apreciate it thank you so much if you can

  95. Oh Ned. Sometimes people who live their everyday lives doing their everyday thing, do not understand the impact they have on someones life. The name you sent me is the name of my little girl who was adopted two days after her birthday (on Valentine’s Day!) by another family that I chose myself. I always have her with me in my heart and now she and her beautiful name are on my foot. And no one has to know my secret. You may consider yourself a geek, I consider you a man with an amazing talent. Thank you for your time and talent.

  96. could you transcribe these names into elvish please?

    vinnell pearce
    jazmine pearce
    piers horry
    charlotte shaughnessy

    thankyou, very much!

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