Good iPod. Happy iPod.

A few days ago, in the violent throes of a severe case of buyer’s remorse, I let fly at my poor trembling iPod. Ranting was both therapeutic and surprisingly entertaining. It went like this: I was uncertain about the big purchase. I finally got nudged over the edge, hesitating late adopter that I am, and made the big purchase. I brought home the big purchase and plugged it in. Not only did the big purchase not work, but it broke my whole computer. Then I got plenty mad you bet.

Since then I have upgraded my PC to Windows XP, read the iPod manual, and talked to several helpful and sympathetic people. Now all is well… I pulled out of the death spiral. I am across the divide and perfectly insufferable. Let me show you my sleek and lovely beautifully designed iPod! Steve Jobs is a genius!

It’s interesting to watch myself go through the compressed hate-to-love trajectory, because I see it all the time from the manufacturer’s viewpoint. I make sofware for a living, and I have often listened with grave concern as a customer absolutely rips into my product and my company. Wait long enough, provide a few well-timed hints and WHAMMO! they’re your new best friend. I like those customers. And now I am one.

My shiny new iPod makes me think about the old BBC radio program (sorry, programme) Desert Island Discs. The premise: what records would you take with you to a desert island? Suppose instead we made a show called Desert Island iPod. It might work something like this.

HOST: Hello and welcome to our show. Tell us, what would you put on your Desert Island iPod?
YOU: Every single piece of music I’ve ever owned or thought about in my entire life.
HOST: Oh I see. Well, thanks awfully for joining us today. Cheers!

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  1. I’ve been waiting to buy an IPOD myself. I think you might’ve pushed me over the edge to buying one though. My biggest fear is that Apple would come out with a bigger and better version of the IPOD, and I’d be left with a very expensive, yet unsupported piece of crap.

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