Zippity do

More fun stuff from the digital artist/UI designer Ben Fry. Go to zipdecode and type in your zip code. Then type in the zip code of some other place. This is a good example of how zero-latency response encourages experimentation. If there was significant lag each time you hit a digit, it wouldn’t be nearly so much fun. For instance, 44444, which will send you to Newton Falls, Ohio, is the only five digit repeater in the entire United States. And they’re pretty darn proud of it, from the looks of their URL:

Do you suppose, assuming you were basically in the right place, you could pay the US Postal Service to assign your city 00000? That would be worth some serious Chamber of Commerce money. Make a great tourist attraction. I’d get off the highway in Kansas to see the 66666 post office. Send a few postcards. Maybe drop by the Greyhound Hall of Fame while I’m in the area.

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