Where’s George?

After a recent purchase, my change included a battered dollar bill with a URL on it: http://www.wheresgeorge.com. Where’s George? is a web site dedicated to a money tracking experiment. Just like we attach radio transmitters to albatrosses and migrating antelope, we can attach a URL transmitter to a dollar bill and see where it travels, where it mates, where it gives birth, and so on. My bill was first reported in Woburn, Massachusetts at the beginning of the year, and it has since found its way to me in Watertown, Massachusetts. That’s not a long way, but then again, maybe my dollar is still learning to swim and is just about to set off on its first great road trip.

The most recorded observations on their site is thirteen. That doesn’t seem like a lot.

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  1. This $20 bill, #ED82589723C was picked up at a Huntington Bank ATM machine in Rocky River OH at 8:10AM on 05/18/06. Will probable be passed on in Saint Louis MO in the next few days.

  2. yep/george came to austin
    tx been here bout a wk/
    i got to won Der N what george was all about.
    he is ready to move own.

    pray PEACE/LOVE to our

  3. Found $1 Bill in my change about a month ago with wheres george.com on it. Was curious so held on to it. Serial# I95929349K. Will be sending it on soon.
    Jim from Granville,NY

  4. If u find a $1 bill with were’s george.com on it and the numers are G01203726c email me @ dwalther@tds.net i got it at a gas station and i live in sizerock,ky or known as lesile county ky

  5. I found a $ bill from where’s george the other day in my wallet. I live in a little town called’Sandisfield, MA which is in the berkshire

  6. Hiya.I found your dollar. i got it from some change from a middle school football game. my elementary school did something just like this. Stafford Virginia is where it is now. Serial L33449635D

  7. I found this dollar bill with george on it serial#A46463736D I recived it from a tweeker.Fresno,CA.

  8. George is in Belize, Central America, I found a $10 bill (DL 27125861 A)in my wallet about 6 months ago and decided to check out the site today.

    I am going to put him back in the market and hopes someone reports his next stop.

  9. if u have any questions or comments about ” wheres george” email me at gender_lady_101@sbcglobal.

  10. You may think this is the right place to tell people about dollar bills stamped with the URL “www.wheresgeorge.com”. But it’s not. Instead, please visit the site dedicated to tracking $1 bills, http://www.wheresgeorge.com.

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