RSS arrives

RSS isn’t a very sexy name, but its time has certainly come. What is RSS? It’s a quick summary of what’s most recently changed on a website. What makes it nice is that you can subscribe to feeds that you like and then get notified only when the site has changed and only with the new material and nothing else. I use Aggie to build me a web page every night culled from the New York Times and a variety of blogs and magazines. For me, this is the genuine and successful solution to the build-me-a-customized-newspaper problem that various companies have tried (and failed) to solve. This article from Yahoo News does a good job explaining the dang deal. And it looks like they might be on to a more consumer-friendly term than RSS: webfeed.

By the way, I have an RSS newsfeed for this very site (MovableType takes care of it for you automatically). Look for the little orange tag at the bottom of the right side of this page.

2 thoughts on “RSS arrives”

  1. Thanks Ned, I’ve been wondering for some time (but have been too lazy to look into) all this RSS business. I see these feeds everywhere, including the default version of my own blog ( Unfortunalely I removed the link because I wasn’t exactly sure at the time what it did. :-(

    Now I know a little more and I like the concept “A site that visits you”. That’s great. It will make me feel less guilty about updating content often since the notification to subscribers will prevent wasted a trips.

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