Matt’s darn good idea

Speaking of RSS, Matt had this idea for an online service: RSS aggregation via email. You can do web-based aggregation with services like Feedster, but you still have to go to their site. But if you got your aggregated webfeeds by email, it really would be like the customized morning paper delivered fresh to your door. It would work like this: enter a list of your favorite website RSS feeds, and his (hypothetical) web service would mail you incremental changes to all those sites in one email at the interval you specify. As I mentioned before, this is pretty much what I do right now with Aggie, but Aggie builds a custom HTML page for me.

I threatened to out Matt’s idea on LazyWeb, but he swore me to secrecy. LazyWeb is the site where you put good ideas that you’re too lazy to act on in order to accelerate the natural process whereby every good idea you ever had eventually gets done by someone else. Finally somebody did build Matt’s Good Idea, even without the LazyWeb boost. It’s called TopFeeder. As C.G. Jung would say, Vocatus atque non vocatus deus aderit: Bidden or unbidden, Lazyweb abideth.

I notice, however, that the TopFeeder site appears to be defunct. So maybe Matt can build it after all.


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